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Kelapaindo is a Factory and Supplier of premium and Super premium Coconut Shell Charcoal briquettes. We oversee every step of the manufacturing and implementation of quality control process of our briquettes. Starting from coconut shell selection, cleaning and carbonization all the way up to final briquetting, drying and packaging.

We can produce briquettes in any desired shape or size and tailor made packaging according to our client preferable designs.

Production locations are situated in all major coconut harvesting regions of Indonesia.

Our briquettes are perfect for use in shisha or for barbecue. Providing very high heat, long burn time and minimal ash. Our briquettes produce no smoke, odors or sparks during burning.

Kelapaindo products are environmentally friendly, food grade and no trees are cut.

Our company is able to supply coconut shell briquettes in mass and can ship to countries all over the world.

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